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Big Boy wire wagon

This is my Big Boy wire wagon. It makes the fencing job a whole lot quicker with these 300 kilogram rolls of Waratah pre-fab wire. Still on the wild dog fence in South West Queensland and enjoying being back in my old stomping ground.  How about those big skies!


Gates are up

I managed to get these double gates swung before dark.


Dry argument

This little bloke has to go a long way before he comes across a gap in this fence to find his next drink. I reckon he’ll be at it all day.

fencing equipment

Fencing machinery

Everyone likes to look at a bit of fencing machinery and equipment don’t they? Even if it is covered in a bit of red dust.

exclusion fence

Another fence photo

It’s a good feeling to look back along the fence line and see your progress. The wild dogs and the kangaroos are going to have a hard time penetrating this exclusion fence, and it will keep the stock in for many years to come.

fence line, fence, fencing

Dust storms on the fence line

We’re getting our fair share of dust storms on the fence line. You can see them coming and once they hit visibility is a little challenging. Looks like these gates are going to have to wait for tomorrow.

outback, fencing in the outback

Outback brolgas

I’ve got a pair of brolgas who come in every night to my base camp. At certain times a few extras fly in as well. It’s not a bad way to end the day’s fencing in the Australian outback.


Fencing progress

The fencing material stockpile at this base camp is nearly done. Am a fair few kilometres into this fence but I haven’t scratched the surface yet. Being a man of few words I’m not one for writing long blog posts but I hope you are enjoying my outback fencing photos.

JTL rural fencing

Straight lines

Neat and straight. Just how I like it to be with JTL Rural Fencing fences.

Our favourite fencing things

Cam still loves his original brace and bits, these fencing tools have been kicking around for a  long time.

Fencing knots

We pride ourselves on the way we build our fences, and its our attention to detail on the little things that make them last. Like our figure 8 knot, we’ve had plenty of practice!

ag fencing NSW

JTL Rural Fencing

Getting some of the gear ready to hit the road for fencing in North Western NSW.

railway line, ag fencing, fence, end assembly

End assembly

Railway line/double floating stay end assembly.

Ag fencing, rural fencing

Ag fencing

Large-scale broadacre fencing project in North West Victoria.

stocklock, ringlock, fencing, rural fencing

Ag boundary fencing

Stocklock and steel large-scale fencing project for mixed farm – cropping and sheep.

railway line, end assembly

Railway line end assemblies

JTL Rural Fencing’s signature end assembly. We love working with railway line, tough as!  We use railway line/galvanised pipe end assemblies whenever possible, they are built to last.

double gates

Double gates

It’s important to get your gates straight. Here is one of JTL’s railway line end assemblies and double gates for large scale ag boundary fencing project.

barbed wire, fencing

Farm fencing

Pre-fab stock lock fence for livestock on a boundary of a large mixed farm.

post driver, post driving

Post driving

Any shape, any size, they all go in, eventually!

boundary fence, ag fencing

Livestock sheep boundary

If you have a mixed farm with sheep and stock, it’s important to have a strong (and straight!) boundary fence.