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JTL Rural Fencing has travelled through Victoria, NSW and Queensland over the past 28 years, building fences of all styles and sizes from ag to feral animal exclusion and everywhere inbetween. Below are separate galleries containing a small sample of our rural fencing projects – click on the main image to open each gallery.

Stories from over the fence

Want to know what our fencing clients think about JTL Rural Fencing? We will be adding stories from over the fence to this page on a regular basis so keep your eye out.

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JTL Rural Fencing specialises in wild dog fencing, having completed large exclusion fencing projects in Victoria and Outback Queensland.

Ag fencing projects JTL Rural fencing


Every day is a beautiful day for building a straight fence!

cattle projects JTL Rural fencing


For a sample of some of the livestock and boundary fences we’ve done, check out our fencing gallery.


Solar electric fences are another one of our specialties.