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JTL Rural Fencing has a base in Bollon in South West Queensland, and is set up for travelling to remote locations.

JTL Rural Fencing is owned by Cam Pouliot, who has more than 28 years of rural fencing contractor experience and specialises in agricultural and wild dog fencing. Cam has constructed fences of all types in outback Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

JTL uses only the highest quality materials with modern machinery and equipment to complete your project efficiently and professionally.

Cam has been fencing his whole working life, including many years in Western Victoria constructing agricultural and wild dog fencing. He has also worked for many years in outback Queensland, and is based in Bollon. His attention to detail, years of experience, plus his genuine love of working outdoors, make Cam the right choice for all rural, cluster fencing and feral animal fencing projects.