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Wire is waiting

These coils of Waratah Stockgrip are lined up, waiting. I’ll get to them soon!

wild dog, wild dog fence

Wild dogs

There are plenty of wild dogs around, and I came across these prints when I arrived at the fencing site. It’s a good feeling to be able to fence these out. Below is an extract from the Queensland Country Life about a cluster project near Charleville.

Neebine cluster enlist Dingo Dan to kill wild dogs

WELCOME to south west Queensland, where even the dirtiest stripes get hung out to dry. This quintessential Aussie display currently sits on the 30,350 hectare property, Dingwall, owned by John Frith and situated 150km south east of Charleville.

Dingwall was one of seven properties part of the Neebine cluster which totalled 200,000 hectares and is now protected by exclusion fencing finished two and a half months ago. Upon completion the cluster enlisted the services of dog trapper Don Sallway, aka Dingo Don, who at last count had 115 scalps hanging from the clothes line…  READ ON

fencing post

Steel strain post

One of many 7-inch bore stem posts for this wild dog fence.  I had to take a photo at this particular spot because it was some of the hardest ground I’d had to drive one of these fence posts into. But they all go in eventually if you hit them enough times.

wild dog fence, cluster fencing

New cluster fence

In the evening light we do final preparations for a new cluster fencing project in South West Queensland. Wild dogs continue to be a big problem for graziers but an added problem is kangaroos. They are in plague proportions in many areas and eat valuable stock feed. Controlled culling is not enough, and cluster fencing projects like this one are addressing the issue head on.


fencing wire

Fencing wire arrives

Fencing wire has arrived ready for me to roll out. But there’s a lot of work to get done before I get to the wire on my section of the wild dog fence in this cluster fencing project in South West Queensland.

fencing Queensland

On the road

A quick stop at the NSW-Qld border on our way to a wild dog fencing project.

wild dog fence

Boundary exclusion

1800mm feral animal exclusion fence utilising existing standard boundary fence in Western Queensland.

Electric wild dog

This Wild Dog electric fence is on private land adjoining a national park.

Electric fence

Need an electric fence? JTL makes electric fencing easy.