grading fenceline

Getting ready for the next run

Looking forward to getting stuck into the next section – looks like a smooth run thanks to our top grader operators. The better the preparation, the easier the fencing job. Love these long straight runs.

ag fencing

A break from fencing photos

To give you a bit of a break from photos of ag fences, here’s one of an outback sunset. These big skies put on a spectacular show every evening and although the photos never seem to be able to capture them as well as what they are in real life, this photo is still pretty good and is one of my favourites.

fencing equipment

Fencing machinery

Everyone likes to look at a bit of fencing machinery and equipment don’t they? Even if it is covered in a bit of red dust.

railway line, ag fencing, fence, end assembly

End assembly

Railway line/double floating stay end assembly.

stocklock, ringlock, fencing, rural fencing

Ag boundary fencing

Stocklock and steel large-scale fencing project for mixed farm – cropping and sheep.

boundary fence, ag fencing

Livestock sheep boundary

If you have a mixed farm with sheep and stock, it’s important to have a strong (and straight!) boundary fence.