barbed wire, fencing

Barbed wire

Great. My favourite fencing wire is not barbed wire. A pallet full of fun right here.

fencing wire

Fencing wire arrives

Fencing wire has arrived ready for me to roll out. But there’s a lot of work to get done before I get to the wire on my section of the wild dog fence in this cluster fencing project in South West Queensland.

fencing Queensland

On the road

A quick stop at the NSW-Qld border on our way to a wild dog fencing project.

overlay fence, wild dog fencing

Overlay exclusion fence

An overlay exclusion fence utilising the existing boundary fence. If you have a boundary fence in good order but need to keep the wild dogs out, an overlay is a good option. You use less posts and the fence has added strength.

wild dog fence

Boundary exclusion

1800mm feral animal exclusion fence utilising existing standard boundary fence in Western Queensland.

railway line, ag fencing, fence, end assembly

End assembly

Railway line/double floating stay end assembly.

Wild Dog Fence

JTL installed a solar electric system on a wild dog fence on private land adjoining Wyperfeld National Park in Victoria.

Electric wild dog

This Wild Dog electric fence is on private land adjoining a national park.

cluster fence

Feral animal exclusion

A feral animal exclusion fence in Western Queensland with hinged apron.

Electric fence

Need an electric fence? JTL makes electric fencing easy.

Solar electric

Wild dog trial fence on private land adjoining Wyperfeld National Park in Victoria.